Flame Diamond Bit Medium Grit
NAS Tools

Flame 2 x 10 mm Diamond Bit (Medium)

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NAS Tools uses a very high concentration of cutting diamonds which allows for faster product removal and increased life span of their bits.  The diamonds are easy to disinfect with out damaging the cutting surface or the product finish.  NAS Tools uses a bit manufacturing process to increase the center balance which eliminates bit wobble, this greatly reduces hand fatigue during use.  This bit cuts in both directions so it can be used by right or left handed technicians in either the forward or reverse direction of their hand drill.

For RIGHT or LEFT hand use

Bit Style:  Flame with 2 x 10 mm Head

Material:  Diamond

Grit:  Medium

Bit Rotation:  Reversible

Shaft Diameter:  3/32"

Bit Length:  44 mm

Color:  Natural

Safety Warning:  See your nail drill machine instruction manual for safe operation of bit and for safety equipment requirements.  See your disinfectant product instruction manual for the correct disinfecting procedure.

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