Swarovski News

Effective October 1, 2021 Swarovski is withdrawing their selection of component crystals from the consumer market.  As a result Nail Art Supplies will no longer be able to purchase crystals from Swarovski after this date.  In order to satisfy our customer's crystal requirements we have searched tirelessly for a quality product which could replace Swarovski.  After much research and testing we found there was only one crystal brand we would want to handle, and that brand is Preciosa.  We are happy to announce we will be carrying Preciosa crystals and you will see product being added to the website regularly.


It saddens our hearts to lose access to the Swarovski brand of crystals.  So the team at Nail Art Supplies has decided on a Swarovski swan song.  Nail Art Supplies has purchased a substantial amount of extra Swarovski crystals with which we can continue to supply customers into the foreseeable future.  This gives our customers the benefit to continue with Swarovski and time to try Preciosa crystals on their projects.  We believe our customers will see the brilliance and sparkle of Preciosa crystals and will continue to use them once all the Swarovski product is gone.